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Long term studies 2010 - 2017

The functions of our ultrasonic toothbrushes were clinically tested by the university of Witten/Herdecke by Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Peter Gängler and his team. The university of Witten/Herdecke confirmed:

"Unique dental cleaning, without any brush movements"
"Safely and thoroughly remove the biofilms of the plaque"
"Completely prevents the risk of tooth damage because of non-brushing application"
"Particularly recommended for sensitive teeth"
"Avoidance of gum injuries by abrasion-free application"
"Promotes the reduction of gingivitis with regular use"
"Cleans your teeth thoroughly and spares your gums - without brushing"
"No damage to the dental enamel"

"The abrasion-free application eliminates damage to the teeth and the gums. emmi-dent offers you a comfortable and motion-free application throughout the oral cavity.".

Application Study

Dr. Annick Urfels from the university of Liège / Belgium confirmed:

"Two mothers, who have suffered from gum bleeding for years, have used the ultrasound technology to clean their teeth. Already after the 3rd application they were glad to see, that they were finally free from their gum bleeding.".


The dentists Dr. May and Dr. Denda from Frankfurt am Main confirm:

"The emmi-dent "toothbrush" which works only with ultrasound, removes tooth plaque just as securely as a hand toothbrush from the previous gold standart. It garantees the maintanance of healthy gingival conditions and prevents completely abraisive brush movements and therefore eliminates the risk of tooth damage and abrasion damage".

Pragodent Fair 2011 in the category Prevention.

The Most Important

Hundreds of thousands of satiesfied users with their long-standing trust in our patented ultrasonic technology, products and our company.